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Hunza Valley Travel Guide – Things to do in Hunza valley


This article helps you more about the Hunza valley, before Start a Trip To Hunza Valley

  1. About Hunza Valley
  2. History and Culture of Hunza Valley
  3. Is Hunza valley Safe to Travel to?
  4. Hunza valley Weather Conditions ☁️
  5. How to Travel  Hunza Valley Pakistan
  6. Best Bus Services to Gilgit, Hunza
  7. Islamabad to Gilgit flight schedule ✈️
  8. Are You Coming from Abroad
  9. List of Hunza valley Hotels & Guesthouse Resorts
  10. Camping sites in Hunza Valley 
  11. Hunza valley Food
  12. Best Renta Car Jeep Service in Hunza
  13. What are the Top Attractions to visit in Hunza ⛰️
  14. What are the best outdoor activities in Hunza?
  15. Jeep Adventure in Hunza Valley
  16. Return from Gilgit flight schedule

About Hunza valley

The Hunza Valley is situated at an elevation of 2,438 meters (7,999 feet).

Hunza is place heaven on earth, a place that anyone would want to visit at least once in their lifetime and once you’ve visited the valley, the desire to go back to this serene place is Irresistible. The history of Hunza dates back to Alexander the Great’s time in 325 B.C. Before the 15th century, Hunza was a Buddhist Majority region that leaves traces of Art such as Brahmi scripts and graffiti written on rocks for the tourists hungry for ancient art.

Hunza valley people & Languages

At present, several ethnicities dwell in Hunza including Pushtuns, Baltis, Turks, Mughals, and Kashmiri. The people of Hunza are known for their welcoming and warm nature and the cultural sports of course that attract thousands of tourists every year to Hunza. A variety of languages are also spoken in this valley. The art and craft of this valley are one of a kind and admired by the majority of the people visiting Hunza.

This might come as a surprise because you might be wondering about the region. The beautiful Hunza valley is situated in the northern part of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Yes, you read it right, it is in Pakistan.

Is Hunza Valley Safe to Travel to?

Most people ask this question Is Hunza Valley Safe? Yes, Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan may be a very peaceful spot on the planet, regardless of what Western media has attempted to advise us. Close to 100% of the nation is similarly just about as protected as Europe, and Hunza Valley is considerably more tranquil than focal Europe nowadays

Hunza Valley Weather Conditions ☁️

The weather conditions depend on the months in which you visit Hunza. Hunza valley can be visited in summers as well as winters as different views and perks are offered by nature. Generally, summers are considered more appropriate for visiting the valley by families. From April to October, Anyone who visits this place truly witnesses nature in all its glory as Hunza offers something amazing in winters, summers, fall, and spring.



The Beauty of Hunza Valley

Hunza has gained a lot of popularity among travelers and nature lovers due to its soothing and captivating sights. It is absolutely safe to visit this valley. Mostly, from April to October, a large number of people plan and enjoy their trips in Hunza. One might wonder what makes this place so special. Well, it’s the Himalayas and Karakoram mountain range that enfolds the beautiful Hunza valley which has been a significant place of interest for many tourists for years. Not only this, the tourist attractions are a feast for the eyes.


How to Travel  Hunza Valley Pakistan

If you are starting your trip to Hunza Valley from Islamabad, then you will have to travel around 599km 13hrs+. Once you are in Islamabad, Pakistan. you have two options to travel to Hunza valley Gilgit, Pakistan

  1. By Car 🚘

  2. By Air ✈️

  3. By Bus 🚌

1. By Car or by road 

Traveling to Hunza is quite common and safe. Many travel groups offer affordable trip packages by road throughout the year to students from different universities. Families also travel by road by car. Around thirteen to fourteen hours are required to reach Hunza from Islamabad. It is preferred to stay someplace (find Cheap Hotels in Naran Valley and Online Booking ) the route in order to avoid exhaustion and fatigue.

2. By Air ✈️

Pakistan International Airline ✈️ (ISB to GIL)

Traveling to Hunza has been made really easier now as both options for traveling are available. Firstly, one can travel by Air. Cheap flight tickets to Gilgit are also available online below. The airline that flies to Gilgit is PIA.  Pakistan International Airlines’ ticket price from Islamabad is fairly cheap. PIA direct flight from Islamabad international airport ✈️ Gilgit airport

Below is the flight schedule from Islamabad to Gilgit, 2 to 3 flights daily duration is 1h 15m

Hot Airline Deals, Cheap flights to Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan-Book a Trip Now 

Islamabad to Gilgit Flight schedule Book a Trip Now 

Flight from Lahore to Gilgit Schedule Book a Trip Now 

Flight from Karachi to Gilgit Schedule Book a Trip Now 

All flights are subject to delays due to weather ☁️ clearance, and then take a short 2-3 hour drive to Hunza Valley. The Gilgit to Hunza distance is about 95.6 km. There are several Car Rental Van Services are available that can take you from Gilgit to Hunza Valley.


3. By Bus 🚌

The most Second option is to take a 24-hour bus directly from Rawalpindi-Islamabad to Hunza Valley and enjoy the beauty of Kaghan valley Karakoram and Skarduon the way. If you are traveling from Lahore or another station of Pakistan, There´s no direct bus from Lahore to Hunza Valley or other cities. The distance from Lahore to Hunza Vally is 925km and 18hrs+

If are a nature lover and wants to enjoy the natural beauty of the northern area of Pakistan, then I would recommend taking the long trip and staying overnight at some beautiful places such as Naran Kaghan valley

List of Hotels in Naran Valley

Faisal Movers is quite a safe option if the bus service is considered by travelers.

NATCO is a leading transportation company in Pakistan since 1974, with expertise in hands-in relocation and the transportation industry, we offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to all your need. You can Book seats for Hunza Valley Gilgit Telephonically on this number  ☎️ +925811 920820

Natco Other Stations Booking Numbers in Pakistan

    • Natco Gilgit Office: 05811-920435
    • Natco Islamabad Office: 051-4864041 –44
    • Natco Rawalpindi Office: 051-9334556
    • Natco Tangier Office: 05812-460118
    • Natco Chilas Office: 05812-920150
    • Natco Karachi Office 021-32782005
    • Natco Skardu Office: 05815-920289, 452188
    • Natco Hunza Office: 05813-920111
    • Natco Ghizar Office: 05814-920413, 920377
    • Natco Astore Office: 05817-450215
    • Natco Sust Office: 05813-928409


Traveling from abroad to Hunza Vally ✈️

If you are coming or traveling from abroad to visit Gilgit Baltistan, there are numerous Cheap Airline Flights Options that may be considered. Taking a flight from abroad to Islamabad airport first and then from Islamabad to Gilgit flight would be the most suitable option. Generally, the cheap flight prices depend on the timing and date of the booking. Discounts are also offered on these flights in order to provide cheap flight tickets to the passengers.

Get Cheap Flights to ISB Islamabad International Airport ✈️

Qatar Airway is another good option to fly ISB Islamabad International Airport ✈️


Best Tour Packages ? for Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan

If are you interested in tour packages, then book your tour package in one of the Best Hunza Tour Packages Deals blow and explore the beautiful destination that dots the region?

Renta Car Jeep Service ?  from Gilgit to Hunza Valley

After reaching safely to Gilgit by air or by bus, there are a lot of jeeps and rental car services are movable owned by locals are an ideal choice as the drivers are experts and they can really help you reach your destination safely. Some known Rent a Car Services in Gilgit are listed below


Best Hotels in Hunza Valley

There are numerous Hotels Guesthouses Resorts that provide convenience and comfort at affordable prices are available in Hunz Valley Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. below is soma known hotel list in Hunza Valley,  first you can Book A Room or Check Availability online by clicking below hotel links

  1. Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort
  2. Serena Hunza Hotel
  3. Eagle’s Nest Hotel
  4. Fairy Land Duiker Hotel
  5. Hard Rock Hunza Hotel
  6. Hunza Embassy Hotel
  7. Hunza View Hotel
  8. Sarai Silk Route.
  9. Silk Route Lodges.
  10. PTDC Hunza.
  11. PTDC Sost Hotel

Top Attractions in Hunza

The list of some of the best places one must visit in Hunza includes


is a village that has magnificent landscapes. it is suitable for various types of activities such as water sports, shopping, a soothing day with breathtaking scenery. Visiting the Queen Victoria monument and a long water channel walk is a must when visiting Karimabad.

Altit Fort

This is not just a fort but a depiction of the rich and exciting history of the Persian Empire including the descendants of the tribe of the Huns. Furthermore, Altit Fort endured earthquakes and attacks. Currently, people visit Altit Fort because of the traditions and royal garden. However, the timings are to be observed i.e. 9:00 am to 5:30 pm every day.

Baltit Fort

The name of this fort suggests the place where it has been built, Baltistan. Baltit Fort is famous for its history and pleasing views.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge

For adventurous and daring hikers and tourists, crossing this bridge might be the best adventure of their life as it holds the title of the most dangerous bridge in the world.


Gulmit is a town, also known as Upper Hunza. There is a lot of activities that can be planned at this place as there are various historic sites, museums, and hotels. Passu cones are what many people find striking.

Rakaposhi View Point

Rakaposhi peaks are everywhere with the travelers in Hunza as these are huge. The scenic views are an absolute delight.

Hunza De Café

In Hunza, Hunza De Café’s Walnut cake is a must-try as it is famous for its delicious and unique flavor. Apricot oil that is super beneficial for health is also available.


Sacred Rocks of Hunza or Haldeikish is a significant archeological site and a paradise for explorers.

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is surrounded by immense mountains. The turquoise water makes it even more mesmerizing. Every year, thousands of people visit this lake and enjoy their vacation.

Sost Village

is the last town in Pakistan. The Karakoram highway ends at Sost village. The aforementioned tourist attractions are the best places in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. , a considerable number of people visit Hunza from different cities of Pakistan. Foreigners, international travel bloggers, and tourists also explore Hunza every year and find it interesting. Hunza has gained a lot of popularity among university students as well.

Hotels in Karimabad:-

There are numerous hotels that provide convenience and comfort at affordable prices.

Eagles Nest Hotel

Hard Rock Hunza Hotel Resort & Villas

Old Hunza Inn

Melody Inn Hunza Hotel

Hunza Continental Palace

Fairy Land Hotel

World Roof Hotel

Al Safir Hotel SostHunza

So, now you know your next travel destination, book your trip now and have the time of your life.



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