Guesthouse in Hunza

Golden Bite Hotel and Restaurant

Golden Bite Hotel and Restaurant Cheap Guesthouse in Hunza In-Room, Satellite TV channels Seating area with private balconies Private Washroom with free toiletries  24/7 Room Service & Front desk Continental Breakfast is available  Free Wi-Fi  Free Parking Wheelchair Accessible   ✔️ Book A Room Check Availability Find more Hotels Deals

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Hunza Glamping Resort

Hunza Glamping Resort is working on a new idea in Hunza Karimabad. This idea is different from traditional hoteling and people who want to camp under the sky will enjoy there trip.   For booking and details  Call 03224501339 / 03554395708                      

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Eagles Nest Hotel

Eagles Nest Hotel Room Rent Starting from Per Night  Standard Without View PKR 9500/- Standard Double Room PKR 10000/- Standard Single Room PKR 9000/- Presidential Deluxe PKR 20000/- Executive Deluxe PKR 16000/- Deluxe Double Room PKR 13000/- Deluxe Single Room PKR 11500/- Suite Double Room PKR 28000/- Suite Single Room PKR 18000/- Book a Room 

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Borith Lake Hotel & Resort

We also offer activities around Borith village, Trekking, boating, transport rental, and Guide service. We have a variety of rooms to cater to couples, friends, families, and those who want a luxurious experience. Besides rooms, we also offer camping services as well. We also have a restaurant that serves a large range of Pakistani and Western

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Hunza Regency Inn

Hunza Regency inn A hotel located at university road Hyderabad Hunza with a view of the golden peak, Rakaposhi peak, leady finger. Beautiful place for Holidays in Hunza Valley 24-hour front desk, with a restaurant. Private parking Bed-room with a private washroom A continental breakfast is available daily The nearest airport is Gilgit Airport, 97km

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Gulmit Tourist Inn

Gulmit Tourist Inn a unique cultural & adventure activities:- Visits to the Museum Carpet weaving center Polo Ground/Old Settlements Kamaris, and Ondra Fort views of mountains lead to Ghulkin village, Borith Lake, Ghulkin Glacier, Hussani Suspension Bridge Standard Rooms (Room Charges Rs. 4500/-) Deluxe Rooms (Room Charges Rs. 5500/-) Pamiri Suite (Room Charges Rs. 12,000/-) Extra Bed Rs. 1000/-   Check

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