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History by Night Tour WCLA

LAHORE Weather Condition History by Night Tours Walled City Lahore The Walled City of Lahore is the living cultural Social hub nucleus of Pakistan with Asia’s biggest Market, Landmark Monuments, World Heritage Sites, Traditional Bazaars, Enticing Food and Cuisines, Museums, and Havelis. Amidst the koochas and narrow winding streets of the Walled City, there is

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Islamabad Art Gallery

Islamabad Art Gallery IAG.F9 Islamabad art gallery is located in F9 Park, Islamabad Culture makes cities, culture is the identity of any city, IAG is known as a Culture of Islamabad The ‘Haunted’ place in F-9 Park turns into an art gallery, Islamabad Art Gallery Opened In F9 Park Islamabad for the public

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Joyland Fortress Lahore

Joyland Fortress Lahore Welcome to the oldest and most modern amusement park in Pakistan that has brightened the lives of families and youngsters for several decades Welcome to Joyland Lahore Joyland has the most thrilling and intense rides throughout Pakistan! Fortress Joyland Lahore Ticket price Entry Tickets Rs.80/-  Others Tickets Rs.50/- each Attractions include Fortress

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Double Decker Bus Booking Bahawalpur

Double Decker Bus Service Bahawalpur

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم BAHAWALPUR WEATHER Double Decker Bus Service Bahawalpur Tour Fright Ticket Fright Rs. 300/- Full Bus Rent Rs.12,000/- One day Advance Online Booking +92622501932  Call for Booking Daily Timing 18:00pm to 19:30pm Special Service Booking minimum of 10 Persons Call for Special School Tour Booking Route Map Information Visit of Noor Mahal

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Khewra Salt Mine

Khewra Salt Mines Khewra Salt Mines Tourist Resort has been created by PMDC with its own assets. Inside the Mine, a lovely mosque made of various shades of rock salt blocks has been developed – empty dividers of salt blocks when lit give an excellent look. A huge chamber called “Get together Hall” estimating in

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Buddhist Taxila

Buddhist Taxila Taxila or Takshashila (“City of Cut Stone” or “Takṣa Rock”) is one of the subcontinent’s fortunes and was previously a significant city of the realm of Gandhara. The vestiges of Taxila are situated around 30 km north of Islamabad/Rawalpindi, simply off the well-known Grand Trunk Road. Taxila was a significant Buddhist Center from

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Harappa Civilization Harappa is an archeological site around 200 km south of Lahore. Harrappa is the preeminent found site of Indus Valley Civilization that thrived from 3500 BC to 1500 BC. The site shows hints of an all-around settled local area living methodically with high hygienic principles around then. The current town of Harappa is

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