Joyland Fortress Lahore

Joyland Fortress Lahore

Welcome to the oldest and most modern amusement park in Pakistan that has brightened the lives of families and youngsters for several decades

Welcome to Joyland Lahore

Joyland has the most thrilling and intense rides throughout Pakistan!
Fortress Joyland Lahore Ticket price
Entry Tickets Rs.80/- 
Others Tickets Rs.50/- each
Attractions include
  1. Fortress Lahore Joyland free fall
  2. Fortress Lahore Joyland rides
  3. XD and Motion ride
  4. Thrilling 3D visual
  5. Trains
  6. Video hall for children
  7. Numbers of food express points
  8. Bird Safari points


Joyland fortress Lahore contact number

Joyland Special Packages for School Colleges Trip

for more info Call  04236683910  03354003341