Mausoleum at Halicarnassus​ Turkey

Tourist Attractions in Bodrum

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Tourist Attractions in Bodrum

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Bodrum Turkey

In Turkey, the most popular tourist attractions in Bodrum. This city is located on the Aegean Sea and beautiful beaches and resorts, and the famous historical sites including the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are the main tourist attractions in Bodrum.

Is Bodrum Turkey worth visiting

Is Bodrum Turkey worth visiting?  Yes, Bodrum is a beautiful city located in southwestern Turkey. It is definitely worth visiting the tourist attractions in Bodrum and a place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. The city has a lot to offer in terms of activities, sights, and food. You can easily spend a week here and not get bored.

What are the Tourist Attractions in Bodrum

Bodrum is Turkish city known for nightlife, ancient Greek ruins, medieval Bodrum Castle & nearby beaches. Top sights Based on traveller visits and local insights.

Things to do in Bodrum

What are the best tourist places in Bodrum and why is Bodrum worth visiting, so following are the most tourist attractions in Bodrum turkey.

  1. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
  2. Bodrum Castle
  3. Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archaeology
  4. Zeki Muren Arts Museum
  5. Bodrum Aqua Park (Dedeman Water Park)
  6. Myndos Gate

Bodrum is also famous for its Beautiful Beaches

  1. Camel Beach
  2. Gümbet Beach
  3. Mor Plaj
  4. Aspat Beach
  5. Ortakent Beach
  6. Bardakçı koyu
  7. Bodrum Municipality Public Beach
  8. Sarnıç Beach Club
  9. Beyaz Beach
  10. Bi Beach Club
  11. Torba Plajı
  12. Platin Park Beach
  13. Kumbahçe Sahili
  14. Karaada
  15. Bodrum Kayaliklar Erkek Plaji
  16. Branco Beach
  17. Yahşi Yalısı
  18. Akvaryum Bodrum
  19. Black Island Hot Springs
  20. Tarihi Bardakçı Hamamı
  21. Çelebi Island

How to get to Istanbul from Bodrum

If you are traveling from an other country to explore the Tourist Attractions in Bodrum, below are the list of cheap flights to bodrum.

Flights from Istanbul to Bodrum

The easiest way to travel from Istanbul to Bodrum is by plane. There are several flights daily between the two cities.

How to reach bodrum from Istanbul

Other options are available to travel from Istanbul to Bodrum Train, Bus, Car and Ferry Compare all travel options now! Compare travel options. Find how to get anywhere. Find cheap train tickets. Tickets Booking. Travel Guides and Travel Packages to Bodrum

Istanbul to Bodrum by Train

The distance between Istanbul (Turkey) to Bodrum (Turkey) by train is 462km. and there is no direct train from Istanbul to Bodrum city. To check route click here

Istanbul to Bodrum by Bus

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The best and cheapest way to get from Istanbul to Bodrum is to Bus via Çine which costs you from 190 ₺ – 280 ₺ and takes around 14h 11m from Istanbul.

Istanbul to Bodrum by Car

The road drive from Istanbul to Bodrum City is 434 mi (698 km), and takes around 6 hrs 59 mins in normal traffic. it is more expensive than bus or ferry. You can book a Car from Rent a Car service

Travel Istanbul to bodrum by ferry

Ferry service is available between Istanbul and bodrum 02 times in a week, only on Tuesdays and Thursday, and it takes around 24 hours depending on weather condition. Here is some private tour packages to bodrum listed blow…

luxury Accommodations in Bodrum

Bodrum is a luxury destination that has something for everyone. From its stunning natural scenery and sandy beaches to its vibrant nightlife and luxury hotels, Bodrum has something to offer everyone.

List of Hotels in Bodrum City location wise

Hotels Deals in Bodrum Turkey

Tourist Attractions in Bodrum

We recommend at least 2~3  days are best to explore Bodrum turkey, depending on how much time you have and visit most famous tourist attractions in Bodrum:-
  1. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
  2. Bodrum Castle
  3. Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archaeology
  4. Zeki Muren Arts Museum
  5. Bodrum Aqua Park (Dedeman Water Park)
  6. Myndos Gate
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus​ Turkey

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

The Tomb Mausoleum at Halicarnassus was built between 353 and 350 BC for Mausolus a local Anatolian from Caria and a satrap in the Achaemenid Empire, and his sister-wife Artemisia II of Caria. The construction was planned by the Greek architects Satyros and Pythius of Priene.

Bodrum Castle Turkey

Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle is a historical fortification located in the port city of Bodrum in southwest Turkey built by the Knights of St John as the Castle of St. Petronium or Peter. from 1402 onwards.

Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archaeology Turkey

Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archaeology

The Museum architectural blocks from the Maussolleion, Mausoleum is one of the 7 wonders of the world and has a rich underwater collection that includes artifacts from 14th century B.C. to 16th century A.D.  

Zeki Muren Arts Museum turkey

Zeki Muren Arts Museum turkey

Zeki Muren was a Turkish singer, songwriter, composer, actor and poet. Known by the nicknames The Sun of Art and Pasha he was one of the prominent figures of the Turkish classical music

Bodrum Aqua Park Dedeman Water Park

Bodrum Aqua Park (Dedeman Water Park)

Best Family-friendly water park in Bodrum, featuring various type of slides for kids & adults, plus splash pools, really exciting one.


Myndos Gate

The Myndos Gate was constructed 4th century B.C. and one of the famous historical destinations on the Bodrum peninsula. It was the entrance gate to the old city of Halicarnassus. When Alexander the Great has come for the city’s attack, he was unable to pass this deep, broad trench in front of the gate.

Tourist packages for Bodrum Turkey

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