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Suppose you are dreaming of going to Turkey. Here you will find beautiful landscapes like breathtaking rocky views and beaches with crystal clear waters. Turkey is a lovely country with many invaluable monuments and relics which remind humankind’s history. Turkish lands witnessed different cultures like Ottoman, Greco-Roman, Ethiopian influences, and even more. We are showered you may book the next first flight to Turkey!

Most visited cities in turkey

  • Istanbul (the bride between East and West)
  • Ankara (Capital of turkey)
  • Izmir (sits on the Aegean Sea)
  • Bursa (Ottoman Architecture, and Parks)
  • Edirne (Home of the Selimiye Mosque)
  • Antalya (Great Beaches, and Waterfalls)
  • Adana
  • Urgup / Cappadocia
  • Goreme…

Istanbul is quite possibly of the most seasoned city in Turkey and the world, was the capital city of the Roman Empire between the long stretches of 330-395, the Byzantine Empire between the long periods of 395-1204, the Latin Empire between the long periods of 1204-1261, the Byzantine Empire again between the long stretches of 1261 and 1453, lastly the Ottoman Empire between the long periods of 1453-1922.

Most Popular places in Islanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia in Turkey

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) Mosque, this was once the main seat of Constantinople and was the most remarkable architectural achievement of the byzantine empire and currently in 2020 it runs as a mosque

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque It was constructed between 1609 and 1616, is an Ottoman-era historical imperial mosque a attracts large numbers of tourist visitors. Hand-painted blue tiles adorn and interior walls, and at night the mosque looks blue, with five main domes, six minarets, and eight secondary domes. In 1985 the Blue Mosque was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Topkapi Museum

Topkapi Palace Museum

The Seraglio or Topkapı Palace is a large museum in Istanbul in Turkey. It served as a administrative headquarters and residence of the Ottoman sultans In the 15th and 16th centuries. Topkapı was originally known the “New Palace” to distinguish it from the Old Palace in Beyazıt Square. , in the 19th century It known as Topkapı, meaning “Cannon Gate”

Galata tower Istanbul

Galata Tower

Galata tower it’s one of the highest points of the city and from where you can admire its beauty definitely a must when you’re in Istanbul.

Grand Bazaar Spice Bazaar Istanbul

The Clock Tower

Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar, both are located in the old town of Istanbul, near Galata Bridge.The Spice Bazaar is a covered market and majority of shops selling foods. You can enjoy turkish delights delicacies here, such as fige lives, and pistachios. ceramics to gold, leather, and Turkish carpets shops.

Istanbul where Asia meets Europe

Bosphorus Bridge

The most notorious bridge of Istanbul is the Bosphorus Bridge. It is the most seasoned of the three suspension bridges crossing the Bosphorus waterway and interfacing the two mainlands of Europe and Asia. Initiated in 1973,

Boat Tour in Istanbul Turkey

Bosphorous Boat Tour,Istanbul Turkey, From Europe to Asian Side

The Boat Tour Istanbul Bosphorus is one of the most famous and heavily used waterways in the world. Starting in Europe and ending in Asia, the Bosphorus has been a trade route, a battlefield, and a symbol of the boundary between two great civilizations for centuries. Today, the Bosphorus is a commercial artery, lined with restaurants and cruise ships, but it retains much of its historical flavor. Intrepid travelers can take a narrated cruise along the Bosphorus to see the bridges, the mosques, and the old buildings that line the waterway; or they can take a Bosphorus cruise of their own, exploring the inner waterways by small boat or on a larger vessel. following are the boat tour istanbul price and boat trip istanbul bosphorus also a boat cruises Istanbul turkey price packages

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Izmir Turkey

The city of Izmir in Turkey has been a pilgrimage site for Muslims since as early as the 11th century, and many of the city’s buildings are still Romanesque, with their distinct horseshoe arches. Izmir turkey is a city in the westernmost part of Turkey. It is situated on a peninsula and faces the Aegean Sea. The city is famous for its salt industry and cheap prices for salt, which is an important element to the salt industry.

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Goreme Turkey

There are a lot of turkeys eaten in Turkey but Goreme Cappadocia is famous for its turkeys. It’s no wonder that it is called the “Gardens of the Gods”. In Goreme, we can find more than 50 different kinds of rock art, one of them is a a Romanesque style picture. Great photos of this cave can be seen on the Turkish Tourism Site.

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