The Lynx Daycare Centre Claimed

مکان 624 ، 4 اسٹریٹ 95 ، I-8/4

house 624, 4 Street 95, I-8/4 I 8/4 I-8, Islamabad


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The Lynx Daycare Centre
from 3 months onward

According to modern research, the most important years in a children development are those from one to six. Thus, the exposure to the world in which they live and the habits he forms during those years, definitely affect their ability to learn and properly adjust as they progress through their years of formal education.The parents of today are more aware of these factors and want the best for their children demanding the structured preschool education and learning stimulation offered by modern child care facilities.
The Lynx Daycare has been established to address the need for such specialized child care while setting quality standards for daycare services.
We offer customized areas for different age groups, freshly cooked meals, family friendly flexible hours and a specially designed outdoor activity and play area in addition to ensuring that children are safe and happy in an environment that is fun and continually stimulate their desire to discover different
things according to their goal and needs.