Rangeela Rickshaw Tours Lahore

Rangeela Rickshaw Tours Walled City Lahore

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Rangeela Rickshaw Tours Walled City Lahore

Walled City of Lahore Authority

Rangeela Rickshaw Tours is arranged by Walled City of Lahore. Rickshaw Ride was prepared with traditional truck art design known as Rangeela Rickshaw tourist ride inside the walled city Lahore only.

بکنگ جاری ہے

Tour Ticket Charges

Note: every extra hour will be charged Rs.750 on Monday to Friday and Rs.1000 Friday to Sunday.

7 Days in a week ( Pre Booking )

Route detail of Rangeela Rickshaw Tour

Route 1 - Delhi Gate to Wazir khan Mosque Rs.1000/-

Rangeela Rickshaw toure Booking Lahore

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