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Moez Aryan is Omnifarious’s founder. He is an International Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy Of Sports Medicine, USA, a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition from the International Sports Sciences Asssociation, USA, Certified Nutritionist from world’s leading nutritionist Dr.John Berardi and a Certified Functional Movement Specialist from world’s top Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Specialist and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Gray Cook. Aryan has been running Omnifarious Personal Training Studio since November 2009.

He has been an active writer for numerous local magazines and newspapers and, international health and fitness related websites.  Aryan hails from a family of professional boxers, son of a physical therapist, and trained as a competitive swimmer before specialising in coaching. He is an advocate for challenging the ‘biased opinions of the food and fitness industry’. Moez is currently working with and learning from some of the world’s top experts in the fields of sports, nutrition and physical therapy.


Q Consultation - Free

Weight Loss
Body Composition
Pain Management
Cost: FREE

Q Trial Membership (Optional)

Rs. 12,000
for 7 days
3 x Sessions / One Week
Total Sessions: 03
Cost / Session: 4,000
Fee: 12,000

Q NO Agreement (Single Session)

Rs. 5,000
/per Session
Per Sessions / Month: As Many
Total Sessions: Erratic
Cost / Session: 5,000
Fee / Month: Pay Per Session

Q MONTHLY PLAN -08 Sessions

08 Sessions / Month
PKR 30,000 Total Payment
2 x Sessions / Week
Total Sessions: 08
Cost / Session: 3,750
Fee / Month: 30,000

Q MONTHLY PLAN- 12 Sessions

12 Sessions / Month
PKR 42,000 Total Payment
3 x Sessions / Week
Total Sessions: 12
Cost / Session: 3,500
Fee / Month: 42,000

Q MONTHLY PLAN - 16 Sessions

16 Sessions / Month
PKR 52,000 Total Payment
4 x Sessions / Week
Total Sessions: 16
Cost / Session: 3,250
Fee / Month: 52,000

Q MONTHLY PLAN - 20 Sessions

20 Sessions / Month
PKR 60,000 Total Payment
5 x Sessions / Week
Total Sessions: 20
Cost / Session: 3,000
Fee / Month: 60,000