Mountain Top Resort Batakundi

Mountain Top Resort
One can go as far to Alaska, to the North Pacific Coast of the USA or Alpine Europe, but not too far from Islamabad, no place more than a day’s drive, one can visit places more rugged, more natural and sights conjured out of fairy tales, uniquely captivating like no other in the world, these are the valleys and mountains of northern Pakistan.

The Mountain top Resort site is located about 3 km ahead of Batakundi and 20 km from PTDC resort Naran on a ridge where three valleys converge at an altitude of about 9000 ft, about 50kms short of Babusar top. The views from the resort can very easily be called picture-postcard scenes, looking down into the valleys and across to the mountains all around. It takes about 25 minutes from Naran to the resort site away from the motley crowds that converge on to Naran during the summer season.