Dreamland Hotel Murree

WELCOME TO Dream Land Hotel

Murree is one of Pakistan’s favorite tourist destinations. Close proximity to the capital, cool weather, and various coffee shops overlooking lush green views make Murree a hot go-to spot for local and foreign tourists. Amongst this breathtaking scenery lies Dreamland Hotel, providing comfortable accommodation at budgeted prices.

Room Rent Starting from

  1. Deluxe Room                     Rs 15,000 per night    3 persons
  2. Suite Room                        Rs 15,000 per night   4 persons
  3. Master Room                      Rs.12,000 per night   2 Persons
  4. Four Bed Suite Room        Rs.18,000 per night   4 Persons
  5. Six Bed Suite Room          Rs.20,000 per night   6 Persons
  6. Family Executive Room  Rs.22,000 per night   8 Persons


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