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Allied School Day Care Saddar

Your home is a haven of love, security, and growth for your child. It is also the base from which your child will explore the world. Transitioning to formal education in a way that captures your child’s natural desire to learn is crucial. And that’s why spending the preschool years within the warm, nurturing environment …

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Children's House

Our Story   CHILDREN’S HOUSE PRE-SCHOOL, DAYCARE AND EVENING KIDS CLUB·SUNDAY, 12 MAY 2019·   Our PRE-SCHOOL Children’s House Pre-School is open from 8:00 am to 1pm (1pm-6pm is the Evening Programme). The Curriculum is designed on modern teaching models and with a view to creating new challenges for children and an environment which inculcates …

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Trend Setters Montessori & Day Care

Exploring confidence, competence, creativity and compassion   Trend Setters Montessori & School founded in 1995 is educating & building Future Generations, we have educated toddlers to become intelligent, independent    Founding date By Mr. Syed Abid Hussain   Products Home away from Home“Day Care Centre”Pre-School (Montessori)

Rockville Daycare & Early Years

اسٹریٹ 31 ، ڈپلومیٹک انکلیو ، سیکٹر جی 5 ، فہیم ہائٹس ، پلاٹ 1 اے ، ڈپلومیٹک انکلیو ، اسلام آباد Welcome to Rockville Daycare & Early Years ROCKVILLE DAYCARE & EARLY YEARS·THURSDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2019·   Rockville Daycare Early Years, a set up in early childhood care and education in the Diplomatic Enclave. …

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