Hotel in Hunza Guesthouse in Hunza

Hunza Marcopolo Inn Gulmit

Roomy Yurts at Marco polo Inn Hotel Marcopolo Inn reflects the grace and elegance of the royal family of Hunza. It was founded by Raja Bahadur Khan, grandson of Mir Nazeem Khan (KCIE, KCSL), the ruler of Hunza from 1892 to 1938. Raja Hussain Ali Khan son of Raja Bahadur Khan is the present General …

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Pearl Huts and Resorts

Pearl Huts and Resorts  Ayeenabad Attabad lake, Gilgit Hunza, Pakistan Room Rent Starting from BURRI HUT Room Rent PKR 9000/- Additions Rs. 10000/- GHANISH HUT Room Rent PKR 13000/- Additions Rs. 15000/- MUKK HUT Room Rent PKR 18000/- Additions Rs. 20000/- Keep Visiting   See more Hotels in Hunza, Gilgit- Pakistan Keep Visiting

Sost Ambassador Hotel

Sost Ambassador Lodge   ? In-Room,  ? Satellite TV channels ? ? Seating area with private balconies ? ? Private Washroom with free toiletries ☎️ 24/7 Room Service & ? Front desk ☕ Continental Breakfast is available ? Free Wi-Fi ?️ Free Parking  ♿ Wheelchair Accessible ? Visa Mastercard ? Tour Jeep   ✔️ Book …

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