Hostel B&B Lodges Male

Hostel B&B Lodges Male We offered Separate rooms as well as shared rooms in Islamabad as a paying guest, Hostel, Guesthouse, fully furnished with best facilities which include:- mess, laundry, internet, air-conditioned room, Room fridge, led, including bills, etc… Sardar Sudheer

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Homestay Hostel

This page is made In order to facilitate Female Students by providing them the environment they desire and require and to make them feel at home. We are OPEN with upgraded rooms and facilities. Cubical rooms starting from Rs. 9,000 Bi-seater rooms starting from Rs. 7,000 Triplet rooms starting from Rs. 6,500

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Qureshi Girls Hostel

Welcome Qureshi Girls Hostel is a well-designed hostel and it gives a peaceful and clean atmosphere for its residents. It is owned by US experienced management. We are serving the students of DIMS, PUNJAB UNIVERSITY, PAC, SKANS, CHILDREN HOSPITAL, COMSAT, Doctors, Nurses, and Working Women, who are living with us and achieving their targets. Triplet

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Rayan Girls Hostel

Conveniently located at Naqsha stop link wahdat road Amenities including free wifi, ups, separate kitchen, geyser, room cooler, freezer/oven At affordable rent Rent packages Contact person Arif Ali Triseater 7000/- Biseater 10,000/- Cubical 14,000/-

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