Craft Ghar Dehli Gate Lahore

Dehli Gate Lahore

Dehli Gate Lahore

Dehli Gate is a Gate of the entrance to the12 Gates, from where the Royal Guests entered in city and forward towards Shahi Qila (Lahore fort).

Why Named Dehli Gate

Dehli Gate and Lahori Gate Dehli India

if we talk about Delhi Gate its direction towards India, Delhi City while in India, there is a gate it faced Lahore and we say it “Lahori Gate ” So mostly, all royal guests come from the same Gate and the same way, and entered in Dehli Gate and from Dehli Gate to Wazir Khan Mosque & Shahi Qila.

What is The Royal Trail ?

The Royal Trail

It’s called Royal Trail, Because, When The Royal People go to Shahi Qila they use the same path that way, this path is known as “The Royal Trail” other paths are also available like Bahti Gateway toward Multan City and Kashmiri Gateway toward Kashmir same like this Gate named “Dehli Gate” It was built in Mughal Era, by Empire Akbar made 12 Gates inside the city and, this Gate was rebuilt in British Era.

When Dehli Gate was rebuilt?

Craft Ghar Dehli Gate Lahore

Gate was rebuilt with a structure where a police station at the top of the rooms and a place for police magistrate and rooms on the front side. Which is known as today “Craft Ghar” (shop) municipal committee members sites there at this place where the Tourism Department today, there was a Police Station in the British time.

Shahi Hammam " The Royal Bath"

Shahi Hammam The Royal Bath

Shahi Hammam was built by Sheikh Ilam-ud-din Ansari in 1634 Known as Wariz Khan. He got the title of Wazir Khan In the Mughal period, by Empire Shajahan. 

When you Entered from this Gate at the left you can see the “Shahi Hammam’s  (Royal Bath)  which was restored by the calibration of Walled City Lahore & Aga khan research lab of Pakistan, while the Norwegian Embassy was founded here. and, a beautiful work done in Shahi Hammam which was built as a 21-Rooms Bath in which 8 cloud water rooms and 08 hot water rooms and, 05 rooms for Steam Bath, in that period If we talk about the inside city the Baths like Shahi Hammad were also found inside city   area from where the Royal, People took bath and fresh


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When Shahi Hammam Restoration work Started?

Shahi Hammam Befor and After

This place of work went invisible when Aga khan restore this place at that time some expertise get from Australia, Sri Lanka, and different countries now many streets are here some expertise came from Germany, and they worked here Walled City Lahore Authority they worked from Dehli Gate to kotwali chowk on package 01 on Package 02 from kotwali chowk to rim market now they started work on package 03 which is from kotwali chowk to rang Mehal chowk Lahore work on “Sunehri Masjid” (Mosque) (Gurudwara) Baoli Sahib work on Houses and Markets encroachment will be removed the same like

Shahi Hammam 52 shops have been removed from Shahi Hammam because they damage the view of Shahi Hammah if we talk about Wazir Khan Mosque 72 shops have been removed from Wazir Khan Mosque

Tourists' Attractions & Facing Problems

Tourist Attraction in Dehli Gate

Tourists enjoy it a lot at this place because they see many things in this old city area, they watch Historical Places, Old houses Specially they happy to walk in narrow streets because it is visible only in the old city area you will find the narrow streets in other old cities in Pakistan we don’t have any problem with the tourist but the Big Problem faced by Tourists is the “Traffic” Because the Traffic … they face traffic in the old city area (androon) like… here are markets Akbari Mandi always full of traffic due to this tourist, faces some problems

Tourists Accommodations in Old City (androon)

Accommodations in old Lahore

Houses make like a Guestroom or provide a place for tourists where he comes from out-of-the-city and, spends a day or more and avail all the Tours of this area In the coming days this is our next plane, let’s see…bike and cycles entered easily rickshaw can enter, but they can’t be entered in streets next, we have a plane for the tourists like PC, Emporium, Packages Mall we place tourist buses there Tourists sit and come to visit old (androon) city and drop them back at the Hotel like Gym Khana Club, our buses went there on Saturday night, they picked up tourists went to shahi Qilla (Lahore Fort) and there a beautiful event ” History By Night ” in this toll player comes and creates a Shahi atmosphere and they enjoyed much… in the coming days, we are planning such type of events in (androon) old city